Through a subjective and emotional journey, this film conveys the paralysing power of fear: fear as a sickness that prevents you from taking a stand on your life, on the future of your children; which clouds your ability to dream and grow.

A morning on a quite normal day: Miriam is arrested at her workplace and is accused, without proof, of “people trafficking”. The violence she suffered and was exposed to during her imprisonment has left a profound gap in her life.

Adela works as a clown in a travelling circus. Ten years ago, her life was irreversibly transformed; every night during the show, she evokes her missing daughter, Monica. Tempest is the parallel journey of two women. Mirror-like, it reflects the impact of the violence and impunity that afflict Mexico.

Through their voices, we are drawn into the heart of their feelings, steeped in loss and pain, but also love, dignity and resistance.

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2016 / Documentary  / México / 105 min  

Directed by:
Executive Producer:
Sound Design:
Production Companies:

Miriam Carbajal y Adela Alvarado
Tatiana Huezo
Nicolás Celis y Sebastián Celis
Pepe Cohen, Joakim Ziegler
Jim Stark
Tatiana Huezo
Ernesto Pardo
Lucrecia Gutiérrez Maupomé y Tatiana Huezo
Federico González Jordán
Lena Esquenazi
Leonardo Heiblum y Jacobo Lieberman
Pimienta Films, Cactus Films, Terminal



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    Tempestad: un documental sobre el miedo y la impunidad en México De la mano de dos tragedias, el nuevo documental de Tatiana Huezo pretende explorar lo que significa ser una víctima del Estado y del crimen organizado en un país donde la impunidad es la regla.

    Der Tagesspiegel

    Der Tagesspiegel

      “Tempestad is a most audacious film in its narrative strategy, according to Standard documentary criteria. It also is in its views of many street- and landscapes and nameless co- travellers a visually almost explosive film that creates its Impact through the very things it does not show."

      El Antepenúltimo Michoacano

      El Antepenúltimo Michoacano

        “La cineasta mitad salvadoreña mitad mexicana Tatiana Huezo (1972) dirige con pulso firme una de las aproximaciones más honestamente brutales y sutiles a la crueldad humana.”



          Berlin Review: Astonishing, Beautiful Mexican Kidnapping Doc 'Tempestad' "It is the way that Huezo, with quiet confidence despite this only being her second feature-length documentary, weaves image, story and soundtrack together, that makes 'Tempestad' such a rich and original piece of work. The subtlety of her approach interlaces ideas, resonances and emotions in evershifting, eternally edifying ways. And it ultimately promotes the film from human interest journalism to a grand work of socio-political critique and a quietly radical remodeling of familiar documentary formats."